Virtual SimCell

How Can The Virtual SimCell Benefit You?

The Virtual SimCell allows exercise planners to cost-effectively prepare and conduct exercises. SimCell Controllers can:

Controllers drive exercise play as required by planned injects, and keep records of player responses;
Controllers develop and input ad hoc injects as permitted by exercise extent-of-play agreements;
Controllers document their interactions with players within the application who telephone or send e-mail messages to the organizations they are simulating; and
Controllers remain in communication with lead controllers and each other.

Virtual SimCell Benefits

  • Eliminates travel time and expenses for SimCell controllers located remotely from exercise locations, which can be especially important to state government employees who would otherwise need to travel to other states; 
  • Fosters cross-training and relationships among personnel from different facilities within a single organization or emergency planning community by making it less burdensome for them to act as controllers of each other’s exercises; 
  • Facilitates participation by SimCell controllers with specialized expertise by requiring less of their time for each exercise; and 
  • Eases the exercise evaluation process by producing a rapidly searchable electronic record of controller activities and observations.