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Writing Messages That Pop

Inform, educate and call to action in your messaging and keep it all interesting. It sounds like a tall order but there are best practices to write messages that pop for your internal/external stakeholders. Jeff Donaldson helps you and your agency Sharpen Your Skills with important tips to guide you to become that effective writer.

Writing for the Social PIO

Keep it real, online, all the time. Jeff Donaldson helps you Sharpen Your Skills with best practices for Public Information Officers to inform, engage and call their internal/stakeholders to an important call to action.

Effective Livestreaming

Livestreaming for your audience in a tech-savvy world has got to be perfect the first time and every time. Kerry Shearer helps you Sharpen Your Skills to get your “live-on” with easy best practices to keep you sharp and ready for messaging during sunny days and crisis communication.

Lights, Camera, Action

Live remote on-camera interviews are the key to connect with your audience on sunny days and in risk/crisis communications. Eric Singer helps you Sharpen Your Skills with tips to nail those live moments with new tools for your toolbox.

Social Media During Emergencies

The value of social media during emergencies has been an active discussion among crisis communication professionals. Chances are you already use social media as part of your communications strategy but how well do you get it done? Bronlea Mishler helps you Sharpen Your Skills with valuable tips to understand how to leverage your online role.

Social Media Listening / Monitoring

Social media listening is an art that you and your team need to be prepared for to keep ahead of what your internal/external stakeholders are saying about you, or your organization, and what’s churning in the online rumor mill. Bronlea Mishler helps your Sharpen Your Skills to help you effectively monitor social media to help you stay on top of rumors and misinformation during emergencies.

Protecting Your Agency From Social Media Trolls

Potentially, every agency who uses social media platforms has them: social media trolls. How do you successfully interact with these online naysayers and critics? Brandi Bates will help you Sharpen Your Skills by sharing best practices to deal with these cyber bullies before they take over your online presence.

Social Media Landscape

Understanding the shifting social media landscape is more important than ever before you push out the right message on the right platform. Bronlea Mishler helps you Sharpen Your Skills to understand the right platform for the right message and the reasoning behind your decision.

Message Maps

You’ve got the who, what, when, where, why and how of your message, but no map to communicate to your internal stakeholders in the most easy to understand and effective way. Eric Singer helps you Sharpen Your Skills by providing you the map to organize and disseminate that message.