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Welcome to the Exercise Training Network (ETN), a comprehensive emergency management training tool for law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, public health, emergency management, healthcare (hospital) systems, commercial nuclear industry, local, state and federal government.

Realistic exercises and drills are the best way to test preparedness and response capabilities. Our team is familiar with a wide range of hazards and exercise strategies. By providing virtual, tabletop or functional exercise platforms, we support scenario development, news media simulation, planning, evaluation and follow-up to ensure maximum value for participants.

Training is a crucial element of emergency preparedness and scenario-based exercises provide the most realistic training sessions for emergency responders to practice decision making. ETN was created with that in mind and provides a multi-faceted digital platform that addresses several exercise needs.

  • Multi-media driven tabletop exercises in a secure environment
  • Virtual SimCell
  • Real-time social media play across native platforms
  • Exercise News – real-time and interactive news media play
  • Expert evaluation and consultation

Interactive News Media Play

ETN brings experience, realism and insight to the process by using “mock media” to support exercise play. Our team provides a challenging experience through live interviews, news conferences, a simulated real-time broadcast that is powered by our new Virtual Studio (VS), digital print stories and social media coverage. The mock media covers the “story” as if it were an actual event by gathering information and producing news stories and social media posts on the basis of what they learn, creating the most realistic exercise environment for the participants.

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Virtual SimCell

The Virtual SimCell is an application that enables exercise controllers to run emergency preparedness exercises more efficiently by establishing simulation cells or “SimCells” through a computer network. The Virtual SimCell provides a cost-effective and efficient approach for participants to interact globally. By allowing controllers to operate through a single, networked software application, the Virtual SimCell emulates a physical working location allowing the same or similar functions to be performed as though all controllers were gathered at one place.

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Real-time Social Media Play

Simulated social media posts are generated by our highly-experienced team to reflect what the public and media would be saying on social media during an actual incident. These messages are disseminated in real-time during the exercise using real-world social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The social media accounts are set up in advance as “closed” groups so that only exercise participants are able to view and respond to the messages, allowing play to occur in a safe, controlled environment.

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Multimedia Driven Exercises

Video, digital photography, graphics, audio and animation are used to stimulate the senses of sight and hearing creating a feeling of realism that has been otherwise missing from tabletop exercises limited by text and pictures. Scenario based exercises can now be portrayed right before the participant’s eyes utilizing our customized, animated and robust video design and platform. Our production team meets with you to assess your exercise needs before creating your custom multimedia exercise production. These productions can take your user’s experience to new heights of engagement and participation.