Interactive News Media Play

Interactive News Media Play

Scenario-based media simulations add realism and interest to any exercise, briefing or training activity. ETN develops dynamic mock newscasts and other narrative videos that establish a scenario and help drive the action, allowing participants to work in a more realistic, fast-paced decision-making environment. Each video is customized to meet the audience’s specific learning needs. Our team has developed multi-media driven and realistic exercises for a number of local, state and federal sponsors.

Full Spectrum News Media Simulation

Integrating advanced approaches and adding impact to exercises and drills is essential to developing a comprehensive emergency management program. News media simulation is a crucial element of training and emergency preparedness exercises. Testing public information capabilities by simulating interactions with the news media provides a means to evaluate responses in a controlled environment. Scenario-based news stories create the most challenging and realistic training environment for participants to practice decision-making and improve implementation of response plans.

Real-time News Media Play

The NPAA uses the Exercise Training Network to simulate digital radio, print and broadcast news stories. An experienced cadre of current and former news and multi-media reporters with expertise in emergency communication provide realistic, simulated news media productions. The secure, online ETN tool requires a password to access and can be customized per agency needs. Within the ETN platform, exercise players are presented with dynamic, real-time news media stories as the exercise scenario progresses, including live reports, interviews, briefings and news conferences.