Making joint information systems or JIS more effective

Eric Singer

A major push is underway to keep the nuclear industry evolving to keep you in the know if there’s a crisis or emergency. John Egdorf spoke with Argonne National Lab, PAST, Public Affairs Science and Technology Fusion Cell’s Eric Singer about how the industry continues to refine efforts to keep the lines of communication open. Egdorf is a 30 year plus veteran in the nuclear industry. He recently taught a workshop at Argonne National Lab in Chicago for a group including nuclear industry representatives, Federal Emergency Management Agency,  utilities, state and local governments. The focus was making joint information systems or JIS more effective so that the information that comes out of the Joint Information Center or JIC would be more meaningful and faster to the public following a crisis situation, “The workshop provided the information and motivation to enhance the systems. The participants will continue to go forward,  so as technologies change, the industry will continue to evolve.” Listen to the whole Flash Briefing with John Egdorf  by clicking on the link below.

Flash Briefing – Week of February 2, 2020